The .GIULIAMARANI collection arises from the synergy between fashion-industrial design and art, completely made in Italy.
Art, with its aesthetic freedom, influences the final look of the items, which find in the industrial process the contemporary and modern solution.
It’s all about mixing different techniques together, stratifying a process on another process with an experimental approach.
The final result is unexpected and aims for recreating in a reproducible product the uniqueness of an art piece.

honey - fall winter 2016/17 

"I decided to cooperate with Fulvia because I like her way of creating, the irony she uses in her work. I was curious about her experimentation with collages, she’s very graphic but “ imprecise”, always showing the beauty of non symmetrical, of hand made. The spontaneity of a carved out card which hides the deepness and irony of an analytical eye capable of grasping the details and summirizing them. Her colours are masterly mixed together and thanks to her pairing, they become “ lively”. Shades which alone could be considered as neutral get alive and become real colours in a contrast game with other shades."