Giulia Marani

Giulia, graduated in Fashion Design at the Architecture School in Florence in 2007, was grown up into the fashion business of her father Angelo, businessman and fashion designer.

Since her teenage years she’s been attending fashion shows, journalists, top models and parties with celebs. Fascinated by the several talents she had the chance to meet in the fashion capitals, like John Galliano, Inez Lamsweerde & Matadin, Mario  Sorrenti, Terry Richardson, top models, DJ, and singers,  she has anyway developed her creative flair in a discreet and concrete way. Among the many partnerships of her family’s business, Giulia has been directing for years the young students of the  St. Martin School of  London with passion and energy; their internships in the Company are a fundamental comparison, because fashion is not only a dream but also technology and craft.

Also in her collection, with the brand .GIULIAMARANI, the designer joined the art world to increase her personal research of new contents and dimensions.